Quickly & Naturally Overcome Anxiety,

Panic Attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia, Health Anxiety & Depression

The Linden Method uses LAR, the only accredited,
dedicated anxiety disorder therapy developed for recovery.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel you have benefited, you pay nothing!

Does The Linden Method Work?

Independent University Led Trial Results

A trial carried out at Copenhagen University saw incoming clients reduce their anxiety levels from an average of 18.24 (severe) to 2.84 (normal) by doing The Linden Method Program.

These results were analyzed using IBM analysis software.

How is The Linden Method

going to cure you?

“Because it’s THE solution… the one programmed into you by genetics… not some man-made ‘treatment’ based on ‘theory’ like therapy or inappropriate medications. Try it and you’ll see that talking to your subconscious mind is easy and switching off your anxieties, phobias and obsessions is TOTALLY within your immediate control…

…you do it every day when you learn something new, drive a car or watch TV… we show you how to quickly tell your mind to let go of fear…

…just do it, it’s so simple

The Linden Method was developed to:

  • Free you from your anxiety, panic attacks, depression & phobias
  • Remove obsessive or inappropriate thoughts
  • Remove the symptoms and sensations toy experience
  • Help you move on with your life, instead of standing still
  • Turn back the clock to before you had anxiety and panic attacks
  • Allow you to actively pursue life’s challenges and adventures
  • Elevate your confidence and energy to exciting new levels
  • Enable you to do what you always wanted to do in your life
  • Let your inner strength shine through and be yourself


Hello! My name is Charles Linden. In 1996, I freed myself of the crushing symptoms of anxiety and panic-attacks after 27 years of suffering.

Since 1997, I have worked tirelessly to develop and refine this process into a unique and simple program that has been used by more than 168,479 people, worldwide.

That process is now accredited as a professional Anxiety Disorder Recovery Therapy called LAR and using it brings immediate and long-term benefits that rebalance your emotional and physical health.



“Hi I’m Charles Linden. From a very young age, perhaps even as young as one or two years, I can remember feeling uneasy, shy, untrusting and scared. I remember having very bad dreams and feeling my heart race when I had to perform, as all kids do, doing cartwheels or singing a song in front of friends and family. I remember the fear that seemed to creep through me as I had to stand in class and recite a poem; and the horrors of steady growth of anxious sensations and thoughts during the build up to school plays and sports matches.

OK, I didn’t have an easy childhood for so many reasons; bullying, teasing, being overweight, attention deficit disorder and other factors in addition to the normal growing pains of a young boy. At age 13 I started to experience high anxiety. I developed OCD and would struggle to eat food, sifting drinks through my teeth to avoid contamination or things that could harm me in some way. I avoided the chemistry laboratory at school completely and washed my hands repeatedly. I was so scared that I would make excuses and run to the school phone to beg my mum to fetch me. I then developed obsessive thoughts, playing subconscious word and number games, which drove me crazy as I lay in bed at night, trying to get some sleep. I became a problem to the school; I was in constant trouble because of my inability to pay attention; I had no one to turn to and the doctors jut prescribed me anti-depressants and sent me away.



I did learn to tolerate my anxiety, but I became a bit of a rebel, getting into trouble more and more, whilst inside of me was in turmoil and I was scared of everything, even at 18 years of age. I remember being scared of travelling on the train to school, of going to rugby matches. I made excuses not to go to school trips or to stay overnight at friends houses. My family were completely oblivious because I realised a long time before that nothing they or anyone else could say or do would have made the slightest difference to how I was feeling.

Skip forwards about seven years and after working very long and ridiculous hours, seven days a week, still trying to suppress the anxiety, which had been with me throughout my life, the cork finally popped; and out spewed the most hideous anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and OCD. I literally fell to my knees one morning as I fuelled my car. An ambulance was called, and after two days of tests and crippling anxiety, I was told I had nervous exhaustion and I was sent home with sedatives.

Overwhelmed by fear so intense that I thought I’d die, for about eight years I struggled with my condition. I saw doctors, immunologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and a myriad of alternative health practitioners. I was described as severely mentally ill and treated as if I was incurable. You can read some of my referral notes on this website, in the ‘about Charles’ section.


I started to believe that the doctors were correct. I would probably spend my life moving from institution to institution, dosed up on medication, existing rather than living and coping with my anxieties rather than curing them. Why? Because according to the so-called ‘experts’, there is no cure for anxiety disorders. All you can do is learn ‘coping’ strategies to make you life as comfortable as possible and dose yourself up on medication which may, at best, mask the anxiety or force your heart to slow down to an acceptable level.

Clients who come to me today believe the very same – they have been told too that anxiety can’t be cured – that you just need to accept the fear and pop the pills; keep a cap on it and hide it away, because it will never go away. I know now, that these specialists are the crazies – not me, you or any other anxiety sufferer in the world. What they are telling you is not only crazy, but scientifically, medically and morally wrong.

I decided that there was a solution and that I was going to find it. Hidden out there, getting on with their lives, symptom free, are people just like you, with one difference – they are cured. How? They all did the exact same thing. My methods are what I discovered as a result of finding some of those people and simply asking them a group of very searching questions; questions which pinpointed the behaviours and the activities that they were doing when their recovery started. I wanted to know what they did to become anxiety free. Was it medication? No, never. That was clear from the research. Was it psychology? No. So what was it?

Well, it transpires that they all did the exact same things. Not one thing, a chance group of activities, coupled with a group of realisations about anxiety. You see, life circumstances, behaviours, beliefs and other life experiences can change as we move through life. Sometimes these can create, by chance, the environment which causes changes in our anxiety levels. But they happen rarely by chance and anxiety sufferers by nature are guarded and scared, so they focus deeply on their symptoms, thoughts and situations instead of projecting their thoughts out into the world, to their challenges, their families and their jobs or past times.

When I discovered the key to resetting my anxiety level and implemented it into my own life, changes started to happen immediately and they snowballed quickly. I decided to try these things with other sufferers, to test their effectiveness and having spent a few weeks giving it all structure and making it easy to understand, I gave away over a thousand copies through my original website. After just a couple of days, emails started flooding in. Debts of gratitude and letters of thanks from people who, like me, had started to experience dramatic changes in the way they felt. By this time, I was working again. My agoraphobia, which had kept me more or less housebound for over 4 years, just melted away. I lost weight, came off my medication, looked healthy and was able to lead a normal life again. It was miraculous – or was it?

The truth is there is no miracle involved – in fact quite the opposite. You see anxiety is caused by a switch in the brain. It turns ‘on’ when you need it an ‘off’ when the threat is over. When you developed your anxiety disorder, the switch got stuck ‘on’. Not by you consciously, no, by your subconscious, which made the decision that your new ‘high’ level of anxiety was the new ‘normal’ level. Once it makes this decision, is stays that way until it receives new information, which drops the level back down again. But the fly in the ointment is that anxiety, unlike other emotional responses, causes a wide range of pretty scary sensations, symptoms and thoughts. These are harmless but frightening. When you experience them, they reinforce the new anxiety setting, confirming to the brain that it is in fact correct. This causes a vicious cycle that prevents you from resetting your anxiety level. Does this make sense? If it does continue, if it doesn’t, listen to this video again. This is vital to your understanding of your anxiety.

So, if you could stop this cycle and rest, you’d be cured, right? Absolutely. And this can happen quickly. And this is exactly what we show you in the Linden Method program. It’s so unbelievably simple, but it does the job. My discovery meant that I could fool the mind into reverting back to the level it was at before I developed anxiety disorder and that is exactly the process that I can show you. Since discovering this method, it has been refined and developed into an easy to use and understandable package, which requires no real effort at all.

The Linden centres have now helped well over 100,000 people, worldwide, to permanently get rid of their anxieties. The success rate of my method is in the high end of 90%, between 96 and 97% to be exact, according to our focus group trials. I have never known a case in a decade, which has not responded to the Linden Method – if they do it correctly. I wish I could tell you that medication and psychology work; it is my belief that they don’t. At least that is the conclusion we draw from reports from our clients.

I know that there is only one cure for anxiety disorders, regardless of time suffered, medications or any other factor. I know that I have identified that cure – I know that there is only one cure for anxiety disorders; I know that because the only people that fail using the Linden Method, are those who don’t ask, “What am I doing wrong?” Like baking a cake, if you don’t use eggs, you don’t get a cake. I can show you exactly what you have to do to completely erase your anxieties; but I can’t make you do it. All I can do is show you the process and allow you free access to my teams of counsellors and psychologists, who know exactly what to say and do to make sure that you make the fastest recovery possible. I know it will cure you. However if you feel it hasn’t, I’ll give you your money back.

I am so certain that you’ll make a full recovery using the Linden Method, but unless you actually try it, you’ll never know. That’s why I try to make it as easy to access and as cost effective as possible. That’s why I provide free support from qualified counsellors and psychologists who are Linden Method specialists. Because not only do I want you to try it, but I want it to work as well for you as it did for me and tens of thousands of our ex-clients. You can call us at any time using any of the numbers on this website if you need more information, need some advice, about symptoms or thoughts perhaps, or just want to check that we are really here. Pick up the phone and put your mind at rest.

Being anxiety free is already pre-programmed into you from birth – all I show you is how to reset it back down to that level. The Linden Method is so simple that our clients as young as eight years of age do it without question. It’s so effective that we get hundreds of referrals from psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and national health organisations each month. Tens of thousands of our ex-clients no longer go to anxiety forums, stay up all night surfing the web, email other sufferers to compare notes and exist in a virtual world, where everyone is a sufferer. Our clients are back at work, playing with their children, going on holidays and enjoying life again. It’s your choice – Believe the ill, or follow the well.

We know what causes and perpetuates anxiety in you and we know how to stop it.

Take care.

“A new branch of psychological practice”

This Method is an accredited professional therapy with 100% success rate at completely removing inappropriate anxiety.

Charles Linden is developer of healthcare programs used and referred to in practice by Drs, psychologists, psychiatrists and healthcare provisions world-over.

“Charles Linden… the
Allen Carr of anxiety.”

The Times

“Charles Linden is the world’s most influential authority on anxiety.”

Hay House Publishing

“The Linden Method
and Charles Linden
saved my life”

The Telegraph

“I will remove your anxiety… no BS, just science and the benefit of doing so for tens of thousands of people just like you! If you want full, natural & fast relief… you have found it!” – Charles Linden

“My name is Charles Linden. Since 2007 our programs have helped over 200,000 people and our online resources have been accessed by over 3 million people. My team of qualified specialists have spent hundreds of thousands of hours interacting with our clients and the resource of data we have compiled is vast. Despite our 8,000 plus active clients and my full diary, media engagements, Retreats and Hay House events, radio programs etc. I love my work and I adore helping people to truly change their lives.”
Charles & Beth Linden – Directors – Linden Recovery

We will PERSONALLY respond to any questions you have prior to starting our program
Charles with Rickie Lake whilst
seeing clients in LA
Charles with Lady Jemma Mornington in The Daily Mail newspaper
Charles with Celeb Stylist and
TV Presenter Gok Wan

Charles’ unique and now very public, journey from the depths of severe anxiety disorder to the world’s leading anxiety expert is, not only incredible, but also so inspiring.

Charles’ journey has helped millions

Don’t be fooled by Charles’ layed back appearance, this man once suffered from probably the most dreadful case of anxiety disorder I have ever seen. You name it, he either suffered from it, took it or was administered it. Every therapy, medication and alternative therapy was thrown at Charles for over 27 years but, after all that suffering he pulled himself out of the jaws of, what he was told was, mental illness and has since become the world’s leading authority on anxiety recovery.

From Beverley Hills to Heidelberg

One day Charles is in Beverley Hills with clients, the next in San Diego with his publishers Hay House and then, the next day, he could be in Heidelberg, Germany at his European office or in the UK at one of his international Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

Charles’ work takes him on-set, behind-stage and in front of millions in his TV appearances and his own TV show, but still Charles gives every client, without exception, everything he possibly can in order for them to recover… often to his own detriment. This, once housebound man, is nothing less than a powerhouse and has been a true lifeline to millions of people

TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines… Charles never stops

Charles works tirelessly doing TV and radio appearances, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, appearing in magazines and newspapers, doing online webinars, working with Hay House, he has recently completed the Hay House World Summit and appears on their radio shows. Charles never stops, which is unusual when you consider that 16 years ago, he couldn’t get from his lounge to his bedroom unaided.

Charles appears in Vogue USA, The Times, Glamour, Elle, dozens of national newspapers and websites, indeed, a Google search for his name and the word ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic’ produces well over a million search results.

There is no doubt that Charles is the world’s leading anxiety recovery expert, Hay house say that “Charles Linden is the world’s most influential authority on anxiety.” and this is high praise indeed from the world’s largest self-help publisher and home to world renowned experts such as Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Dr Wayne Dyer himself.

What is most incredible though is that despite Charles having all of this to contend with and having an average of 8,000 active clients at any one time, you can call the centre and often Charles will pick up the phone. Charles makes himself visible in every possible way. His life is an open book for the benefit of his clients… he is open about every aspect of his suffering and honest about how he suffered and the symptoms it caused and it is this that clients love most.

Most heads of organizations hide away from their clients, negotiating deals and heading mergers… Charles prefers to pick up the phone or to jump in his car and drive 200 miles to help a child in hospital. Charles is the real deal and this is why his ex clients adore him and his current clients hang on his every word of advice… Charles doesn’t need qualifications from a university for the world to know his capabilities… these speak through the clients he has helped to recover.

Jane Lovell. Freelance journalist.

Charles’ TV series ‘Stress Free in 30 Days’
Kane TV – Hay House Publishing 2013

Some excerpts from Charles’ TV Series.


  • you can start it in minutes

  • kids of six do it with ease

  • it works fast

  • you don’t need to write or practice anything

  • there’s no ‘face your fear’ tactics

  • no therapy or anything difficult to do!


It’s so simple and it quickly removes anxiety disorders!

The ONLY reason it fails is if you don’t do it… that’s just plain lazy and ridiculous.

Till I was 27 I had constant high anxiety. I decided that there had to be a solution… so I found it.

Since then I have helped tens of thousands of sufferers. Here’s my story.